EMS Standard Edition

Hazardous Waste Management

EH&S Managers includes Chemical Inventory Management, (M)SDS and GHS Labeling, Hazardous Waste Management, and Radioisotope Tracking System modules. A comprehensive solution for managing hazardous waste and staying in compliance with regulations.

Waste Tracking

Our waste module allows you to track both hazardous and non-hazardous waste through the same easy-to-use interface, and integrates seamlessly with our container inventory module.

Manage Accumulation Areas

Our waste module operates similarly to how the chemical inventory module works – containers of waste are created and moved from location to location and eventually offsite. You can set up option email alerts on waste containers that are approaching or past the 90-day storage limit.

Track Radioactive Waste

Our Radioisotope Tracking System (RTS) Module enforces RUA limits and tracks both single- and multi-isotope materials from cradle to grave. Simulated radioisotope decay keeps the numbers current so you always know where you stand.

Disposal Request Work Flow

Generators can initiate disposal pickup requests online; handlers can view a list of these requests and map out an efficient pickup route and print the necessary documents.

Manage Waste Profiles

Waste profiles can be defined to describe the waste content; this takes the work out of waste drum data entry.

Charge-Back Invoicing of Disposal Costs

Disposal costs can be associated with profiles; this allows automatic calculation of charge back costs when it comes time to invoice the generators.

Print Waste Manifests and Shipping Documents

Waste manifests and shipping labels can be customized and printed.

Hazard & Fire Codes Database

We supply an integrated database of 80,000 chemicals that include EPA codes, hazard codes and fire codes. It’s easy to pull these onto a manifest or shipping label.

Biennial Reports

Every two years the Biennial Report is due. Our software automatically filters out what needs to be reported and consolidates the waste as required for reporting. You can print the final report, plus you can archive the data that was used to generate it; this is helpful as an audit trail.