EMS Advanced Edition

Facility Management and Compliance

EMS Advanced Edition subscriptions are targeted at Facility Managers. Features include Chemical Inventory Management, (M)SDS and GHS Labeling, Hazardous Waste Management, Radioisotope Tracking System, Facility Safety and Compliance, Environmental Compliance, and Employee Workplace Safety modules.

Google Maps of Chemical Inventory

EMS has Google maps integrated with its inventory database. You can pan or zoom in from outer space and see your location(s); the color coded pin marker let you see the status at a glance. Drill down on a pin marker to display more details. Real-time information from the database is displayed in a tabular management summary.

Audits and Inspections

Facility managers will enjoy the use of the EMS Audits and Inspections Module.

Custom Questionnaires

Users can design custom questionnaires. The questions provide a complete structure for any periodic audit or inspection. The answers can be designed to be collected in various data formats including a date-selectable calendar, numbers, short text, pre-configured drop-down lists, binary yes/no, and long unformatted text.

Inspections using iPads

The questionnaires can be printed on paper for subsequent data-entry, or the person collecting the answers can enter them directly into the computer. In the latter case, the iPad is often the tool of choice since it is so portable.

Include Photos & Videos

Use iPads to take photos and videos. Photos and video are invaluable when used to illustrate damaged equipment or spills or other hazards. They can be attached to any of the answers and maintained in the database along with the rest of the audit data.

Automated Email Reminders

The EMS Task Module is used to send pre-formatted email. These can be used with the EMS Audit Module in several ways. For example, email reminders can be synchronized with a calendar to notify an inspector that a quarterly inspection is due (or overdue).

Responses Trigger Emails

EMS Tasks can also be configured to look for certain conditions, and send out notification emails when those conditions are met. For example, an audit following a safety incident may reveal that some building maintenance needs to be done. A specific answer to a question in the audit questionnaire (“Were slip-proof strips installed on the steps?”, “Was anybody injured?”) can be configured to automatically fire off email to the people who need to know.

Root Cause Analysis Reports

The answers to the Audit and Inspection Questionnaires are stored in the database, thus management reports can be generated to display the information. Over the course of time, the data from periodic inspections can be used to perform root cause analysis of safety incidences.

Data-Driven Funding Allocation

Management reports of inspection data can also be used to determine equipment failure rates by brand or location, and to help guide funding allocations and timing.

Safety Training

The EMS Employee Training Module is available to Facility Managers to track and manage employee training. Integrated with the Employee database, the training module keeps track of training coursework whether it be required or optional. Supervisors or trainers can mark off completion dates or other status. You can configure access permissions so that only supervisors and trainers have write-access to this portion of the database. Status reports can be automatically generated and sent to management on a periodic basis, as well. Whether you have a hundred employees or thousands, this is an easy way to meet safety training goals, and generate an audit trail without extra effort.

Auto-Notify Employees

Automatic email reminders can be configured (using the EMS Task Module) to notify employees that they must take action.

Track Accidents

The EMS Incident and Accident Module allow you to collect all of the data related to a safey incident or accident all in one place. Automatic emails can be configured to notify everyone in the chain of command, as well as to automate followup reminders. The audit trail is built in and mangagement reports can be printed.

Custom Access Permissions

EMS allows you to enable user access at any level or granularity you want. Besides the usual read/write/add/delete permissions, we also support a “confidential” level that is important when dealing with employee records and medical data.

HMBP and Tier II Reports

Generating the annual Hazardous Materials Business Plan is a big effort, and it is important to get it right. EMS has intelligent filtering and consolidating software that integrates with the chemical inventory database to automate the process. Further, the resulting report data is stored in the database and can be rerun or compared with previous year reports at any time.

OSHA Regulatory Reports

EMS supports additional federal and state regulatory reports, including the Department of Homeland Security reports. Please contact us to learn more.

Water and Air Permits

The EMS Permits Module tracks your facility permits for both Water and Air.