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Hazardous Waste Management

Manifesting, Reporting, & Managing Waste On Site and Off Site

The EMS Waste Management Module is a “cradle-to-grave” hazardous waste management software tool that includes tracking, documentation and compliance-reporting. It tracks waste from the point of generation to manifesting and disposal.

EMS Waste Management works in conjunction with the EMS Chemical Inventory System to support your company’s chemical storage, use, distribution, treatment, recycling, and waste disposal.

Manifests can be generated using templates and reference tables, and will print on state specific forms as well as the Uniform (National) Manifest Form. Electronic interface with waste management companies can help to simplify management and the exchange of critical information with service providers. Handling, storage, and disposal permits are tracked and users can be notified of actual or impending permit regulation violations.

Hazardous Waste Management

The waste management module was designed to help track the storage, shipping, and disposal of waste. Waste is described and categorized using internal or external waste profile records, and can be managed and tracked from its point of origination through the final certificate of destruction. Hazardous wastes manifests, land disposal restriction forms, and other regulatory reports such as the biennial report can be generated in EMS.

Waste Biennial Reporting System

The EMS Waste Biennial Reporting System is a tool that allows companies to easily create, validate and report waste usage data to federal and state reporting authorities. The system is designed to collect manifest and manifest item data, summarize it as required for reporting purposes and create both paper and electronic reports as needed.

Bio Hazardous Waste

The EMS waste management module has tools that simplify the recording, disposal, and reporting of bio hazardous waste. This includes most elements associated with research as well as medical and clinical activities including the disposal of sharps, blood pathogens, etc.

Radioactive Mixed Waste

The EMS Waste Management Module has tools that simplify the recording, disposal and reporting of radioactive mixed waste. EMS has simple and intuitive instruments that allow authorized personnel to record mixed waste activity that is being disposed. EMS has built in radioisotope decay calculations, so whether in inventory or being disposed, radioisotope activity can be calculated with accuracy and precision, which supports compliance monitoring.

Hazardous Waste iPad Application

EMS.Waste is an effective tool for collecting, transferring consolidating and disposing of hazardous materials and waste.  Using barcode scanners as well as the built-in camera, containers can be identified remotely and handled safely.

Project and Task Management

The EMS task management system allows you to create and manage projects including cost, personnel, department, and due dates. As well as each task necessary to complete any project. The task management system also assists in monitoring the data for conditions that could indicate a problem or require attention. For example the EMS can be configured to alert you when waste containers are approaching their limit, unauthorized purchases have been made, or regulatory deadlines.

Integrated Adhoc Reporting System

The EMS ad hoc reporting system provides on-demand custom reporting. It provides self-service integrated reports that customers can customize without extensive database knowledge. From simple to complex reporting the interface is easy to learn and use. While the reporting has great out of the box functionality, it is also easily edited depending on the users needs.

Features & Benefits
  •     Accumulation Area Management
  •     Waste Item/Lab Pack Management
  •     Waste Drum Management
  •     Tank Management
  •     Hazscan Items
  •     Waste Sample Management
  •     Waste Invoice Management
  •     Storage, Shipping and Barcode Labels
  •     Includes Federal and State Waste Codes
  •     Federal and State Biennial Reports
  •     Waste Summary Reports
  •     Waste Tax Reports