EMS for Enterprise Management

EMS for Enterprise management is a fully comprehensive and customizable solution for large-scale operations. All EMS modules are included, Chemical Inventory ManagementSDS and GHS LabelingHazardous Waste ManagementRadioisotope Tracking SystemFacility Safety and ComplianceEnvironmental Compliance, and Employee Workplace Safety, as well as software integration, global views of multiple facilities, resource planning, and more. 



One of the key components of deploying a successful EHS enterprise software is integration of existing clients systems with our EMS software using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  APIs connect and communicate data elements across software and databases to exchange information for critical business functions.

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Chemical Safety uses built-in interfaces for transferring existing data elements from Chemical Inventory, SDS< Waste, Location, Employee and other databases that expedite deployment and dramatically improve data accuracy.

Chemical Safety has helped organizations connect ERP Applications like SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, EPICOR and others to exchange procurement and employee data elements. Similar API interfaces have created for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Risk Management Systems, government reporting systems and others.

Our Enterprise Customers 

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on Chemical Safety’s EMS software to help manage their EHS operations. 

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