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Environmental Health and Safety Software for Colleges and Universities

Since establishing itself as the pioneer in EHS software technology at the University of California Berkeley, almost 30 years ago, Chemical Safety has been supporting the unique needs of educational institutions with extraordinary success. Universities, Colleges and other educational institutions have to deal with a variety of risks including a rapidly changing student population, departmental autonomy, limited oversight and, not infrequently, less than adequate safety training on chemical use and handling.

Chemical Safety Software offers the experience, technology and tools to support campus safety including online and mobile tools that can be accessed by students, educators, administrators and campus operations personnel at any time. We will help you improve campus safety and chemical management in record-time, efficiently and cost-effectively, using our industry-leading EHS software that work together with powerful and leading-edge mobile apps.

University and College Clients

Chemical Safety Software was founded at one of the world’s foremost research universities and has worked with many of the most well-known colleges and universities to help improve campus safety, increase chemical monitoring, reduce environmental footprint, increase safety and achieve compliance with local, regional, federal and international regulatory compliance and reporting.

EHS Management

Manage all aspects of hazardous materials management with Cloud-based and mobile application software. Provide safe chemical handling and management software tools for educators, students and campus operations.

Chemical Inventory

Purchasing, Receiving, Safe Chemical Storage planning automated reordering.
Track chemical inventory from delivery through to disposal and everything in between using barcodes.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and GHS Labels

Easily find and view Safety Data Sheets for your onsite chemicals through the industry’s most up-to-date database of Manufacturer-specific SDS and GHS resource. Everyone on campus can access safety information on their smartphones or tablets.

Waste Management

Manage all phases of hazardous waste handling, storage and disposal safely and within regulatory timelines.
Manage Waste Streams, Waste Profiles and Satellite Accumulation Areas. Generate manifests, including the newly implemented EPA e-manifest, LDRs and PCB reports.

Inspections and Audits

Schedule and track safety inspections and audits with custom audit generation and smartphones and tablets.

Regulatory Compliance

Generate timely and accurate prebuilt electronic and paper-based regulatory reports to federal and state authorities.

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