Hazardous Waste Management

Chemical Safety’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) hazardous waste software has all of the features that you’ll need to track waste from generation through to certificate of destruction, and everything in between.

  • Pickup Requests

  • Waste Profiles

  • Storage Time Tracking

  • Accumulation Areas

  • Lab Packing

  • Drum Tracking

  • Waste Labeling

  • Bill of Lading

  • Biennial Report

  • Print Manifests

  • e-Manifests



EH&S Software Customers

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on Chemical Safety’s EMS software to help manage their EHS operations. Our customers are both large and small organizations, and they come from a wide variety of industries.

Manage Hazardous Waste More Effectively

Chemical Safety’s hazardous waste software addresses all of the phases of hazardous waste management in compliance with RCRA guidelines for generation, pickup, consolidation, treatment, manifesting, disposal, and reporting.

Waste Pickup Requests

Waste Pickup Requests

Create automated waste pickup requests that notify waste handlers in real-time.

Accumulation Areas

Accumulation Areas

SAA and WAA accumulation areas. Define and manage satellite, 90-Day, and Part B accumulation areas.

Lab Packing

Lab Packing

Track and manage waste items and lab packs.

Drum Tracking

Drum Tracking

Track and manage waste drums and consolidation.

Waste Manifests

Waste Manifests

Create, manage, and print manifests and all waste related documentation.

Waste Labels

Waste Labels

Print drum labels and waste tags with barcodes in a wide variety of sizes and formats.

Waste Profiles

Waste Profiles

Manage and store waste profile data. Easily migrate profile data from legacy systems.

Biowaste and Radioactive Waste

Biowaste and Radioactive Waste

Tools that simplify the recording, disposal, and reporting of biohazardous, radioactive, and mixed waste.

Onsite Recycling

Onsite Recycling

A complete toolset to manage onsite waste treatment and recycling functions.

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android apps for monitoring, updating, transferring and disposing of waste containers via barcode scanning.

Waste Reporting

Create detailed reports for company and regulatory data exchange.

Biennial Report

Automatically create and submit the CERCLA Biennial Report.

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Manage Hazardous Waste from Generation to Disposal

Managing hazardous waste generated in labs and other operations has never been easier. Chemical Safety’s EMS hazardous waste management software works from the moment the waste has been identified and needs to be picked up, consolidated, treated, and disposed of.

hazardous waste drums

Chemical Safety’s hazardous waste software module is part of our Environmental Management Systems EH&S software suite of technology tools that manage chemical acquisition, storage, use and disposal seamlessly and cost-effectively. The EMS Waste Management module works in conjunction with the EMS Chemical Inventory module to support your company’s chemical storage, use, distribution, treatment, recycling, and waste disposal.

EMS Waste manages waste for small and large quantity generators, satellite accumulation areas (SAA), as well as waste accumulation areas.

  • Waste generators at the lab can initiate an electronic waste disposal request on the web or on tablets and smart-phones.
  • Waste Handlers are notified via email of new waste pickup requests and can generate pickup request sheets (PRS) to properly coordinate and manage pickup routes. Waste can be picked up by scanning the container barcode and automatically adjusting both the chemical inventory quantities as well as accumulation area quantities.
  • Waste management personnel can monitor when a waste was generated and when it need to be disposed, consolidate waste items and lab packs into compatible waste containers and link the waste to approved waste profiles. Automated alerts are sent out to appropriate personnel when a waste needs to be disposed.
  • EMS Waste generated all required paperwork for the proper handling and disposal of waste including drum labelswaste manifestsLDR’sERG’sSDSanalysis and related documentation.
  • EMS Waste creates regional and federal waste disposal reports including the Biennial Report.

EMS Waste is e-Manifest ready!  When the EPA authorizes the generation of electronic manifests, Chemical Safety’s EMS software can be deployed immediately.

Hazardous Waste Management – Department of Energy Facility – CA

EMS Waste was implemented at a US Department of Energy facility to support this organization’s storage, processing and disposal of hazardous waste. In this facility, waste drums for different types of hazardous waste (Flammable Liquids, Oils, Acids, etc.) are set up at different labs. Waste generators drop lab packs and waste into these drums and record them in the EMS software. They then notify Waste Handlers when a drum needs to be picked up and replaced.

hazardous waste management

A custom dashboard allows lab waste generators to create new waste pickup requests, monitor their area’s Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAAs), electronically request that a full drum be picked up as well as a new drum be delivered to their SAA.
Special reports can be run from the dashboard with real-time information on waste accumulated or disposed.

Hazardous Waste Management Research University – West Coast, Midwest & East Coast Implementations

EMS Waste was implemented at three large research universities across the US to support the pickup, storage, processing and disposal of hazardous waste. Custom electronic waste pickup request forms were designed for P.I.s and Chemists to request waste pickup for hazardous, biological and radioactive waste.

Waste handlers are automatically notified of new waste requests, the type of waste and waste handling requirements and they create pickup documents and manage the pickup of waste using iOS (iPad), Android tablets and Microsoft Surface tablets to scan the barcode and process the waste.

hazardous waste software screenshot

This electronic waste pickup request form is used for the disposal of all types of waste including Mixed Waste. Barcode container labels can be printed on the spot and affixed to the container.

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