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Chemical Safety

Our dedication to the industry has made Chemical Safety the go-to, trusted solution for EHS leaders for over 30 years. Our experience can help your organization get to the next level with your compliance goals

– Tony Diamantidis. Managing Director, Chemical Safety Software

Company Overview

Chemical Safety is a privately held C-Corp, established under the laws of the State of California in 1991. Our cloud-based Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is the most comprehensive, user-friendly and functional software available for Facility and Environmental Management. Beyond premium software technology, we provide our clients with complete customized and integrated solutions, ongoing consulting services, and 24-hour, 7-day support. EMS can be integrated into the organization’s existing process to help dramatically streamline and reduce chemical purchasing, environmental management, regulatory compliance and disposal costs.

  • 31+ Years in Business

  • 15+ Years SaaS Cloud Provider

about us

EH&S Software Overview

Chemical Safety has unparalleled expertise in supporting comprehensive chemical and environmental management programs. We assist in determining requirements and best practices, provide Environmental and Ecological Services, Waste Management Services and we customize and integrate our powerful EMS software technologies as needed to meet the specific needs of the industry and organization.

Our experienced software development teams build custom features and interfaces that make EMS fit an entity’s operations and technology requirements. Our team of experts becomes an integral part of every organization.

Chemical Safety provides environmental technology and consulting services to corporate, government and educational entities and institutions including L’Oreal USA, Sealed Air Corporation, Western Digital Corp., SRI International, the US Environmental Protection Agency, The US Department of Agriculture, NASA and the US Department of Energy as well as many other leading research, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, electronics, universities, and state and local agencies.

  • Safety Data Sheets

    Maintain your collection of safety data sheets in an easily accessible cloud-based web application.

  • Chemical Inventory

    Track chemicals from the moment they are delivered right up until consumption or disposal.

  • Hazardous Waste

    Manage hazardous waste from the point of generation through to manifesting and shipment.

  • Environmental Reporting

    Preconfigured federal and state environmental regulatory reports including Tier II, DHS, and Biennial.

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