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Chemical Logistics Software

If you are a shipper or 3PL company that receives, ships and/or stores chemicals or other hazardous materials, our cloud-based EMS software can help you manage those chemicals and improve safety and regulatory compliance with an affordable, pay-as-you-go set of online software tools.

Chemical Safety’s EMS Software tracks and manages the storage, transportation and distribution of chemicals and hazardous materials with cloud-based and mobile tools for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android phones and tablets and Microsoft Surface devices.

EMS has a vast database of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and GHS hazard classifications that help manage chemical labeling, movement, storage and shipping.  You can easily find existing SDS or upload your own with simple and cost-effective tools.

You can manage the receipt, storage and shipment of chemicals, and your customers can access information about their materials.

Chemical Safety offers free access to its SDS and GHS database which you can put on your website with a simple button or link that customers can use to review chemical safety requirements and you can use to properly handle them.

Bill of Lading (BOL)

Purchasing, Receiving, Inspection, Safe Chemical Storage including SDS and GHS labeling. Generate all Required paperwork for chemical shipments under DOT and IATA rules and regulations.


Store, Manage, Label and maintain accurate chemical inventories using your computer, smartphones and tablets.

Chemical Inventory

Purchasing, Receiving, Safe Chemical Storage planning and Automated Just-in-Time (JIT) reordering. Track chemical inventory from delivery through to disposal and everything in between.

Regulatory Compliance

Generate timely and accurate prebuilt electronic and paper-based regulatory reports to federal and state authorities.