Chemical Inventory Management

Track chemicals from delivery to disposal. Chemical Safety’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) addresses all of the special issues associated with storing and using hazardous materials.

  • Container Tracking

  • Barcoding

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • GHS Labels

  • Chemical Approvals

  • Compatibility Rules

  • Product Identifiers

  • Storage Limits

  • Reorder Points

  • Inventory Reports


EH&S Software Customers

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on Chemical Safety’s EMS software to help manage their EHS operations. Our customers are both large and small organizations, and they come from a wide variety of industries.

Chemical Inventory Software Features

Everything you need to track your chemical inventory from beginning to end. EMS addresses all of the special issues associated with storing, using, and disposing of hazardous materials.
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GHS Labels

Chemical Inventory Container Tracking

Track chemicals by location onsite, with full support for barcodes, RFID and mobile apps.


Safety Data Sheets and GHS Labels

Access manufacturer specific safety data sheets linked to your inventory containers and print GHS labels on demand.

Chemical Authorization and Approval

Chemical Authorization and Approval

Keep better tabs on what’s being used in your facility. Review and authorize chemicals for users and locations.

Chemical Compatibility Rules

Chemical Compatibility Rules

Manage storage compatibility by chemical classification and/or hazard class.

Mobile Barcoding Apps

Mobile Barcoding Apps

iOS, Android and Windows UWP apps for monitoring, updating, transferring and disposing of chemical containers.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste Disposal

True cradle-to-grave tracking when used in conjunction with EMS’s hazardous waste module.

GHS Labels

Chemical Inventory Reports

AdHoc reporting system allows creating custom chemical inventory reports with virtually unlimited criteria.

Federal and State Regulatory Reports

Federal and State Regulatory Reports

Federal and state regulatory reports including Tier II, DHS, SARA, HMBP, IFC, VOC and Fire Department.

Surplus Chemical Management

Surplus Chemical Management

Share surplus chemicals between employees across the entire facility.

Audits Inspections

Chemical Storeroom Checkout

Manage chemical storage locations with storeroom check-in and check-out tools.

Inventory Limits

Inventory Limits

Set Inventory warning and stop limits for each of your locations based on hazard type.

Low Inventory Notifications

Low Inventory Notifications

Set chemical reorder points and get automatic notifications when inventory is running low.

Chemical Bill of Lading

Chemical Bill of Lading

Create and manage shipping documents and labels for shipping chemicals.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Manage chemical purchases using EMS’s built-in purchase order features.

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Track Chemicals from Delivery through Disposal

EMS addresses all of the special issues associated with storing and using hazardous materials. True cradle-to-grave chemical tracking can be achieved by using Chemical Safety’s chemical inventory tracking software in conjunction with our hazardous waste management software. Our easy to use cloud-based web application gives EH&S professionals access to real-time chemical inventory data so they can more easily comply with federal, state and local environmental standards. EMS also simplifies chemical purchases, distribution, and sharing.

chemical inventory software

The Most Comprehensive Chemical Inventory Tracking Software
Effective chemical inventory management is the cornerstone of any facility’s operations. Properly maintaining regulated materials in inventory can be simplified by using a chemical inventory tracking software system that helps the organization to:

  • Comply with complex and changing environmental regulations
  • Manage chemical incompatibilities
  • Reduce chemical purchasing and on-site storage
  • Reduce operational costs as well as corporate liability

The Original Chemical Inventory Software
Chemical Safety’s EMS environmental health and safety software is a product with a rich history. It was the first commercially available chemical inventory tracking software solution offered in the US market and it’s since been widely adapted by corporations, universities, and government agencies (including the US EPA). Today, EMS continues as a market leader. Its extensive feature set, ease of use, and low implementation cost make it the EH&S software of choice for both large and small organizations.

EHS CHEMICAL INVENTORY MANAGEMENTManage everything related to onsite chemicals – Online, mobile apps
CONTAINER TRACKINGManage everything related to onsite chemicals – Online, mobile apps
EHS CHEMICAL AUTHORIZATION AND APPROVALReview and Authorize Chemicals for users and locations – Customized approval options
PURCHASE ORDERManage chemical purchasing API Interfaces
CHEMICAL STORE CHECK-IN/ CHECK-OUTManage Chemical Storage locations with storeroom check-in and check-out tools – Chemical Stores
INVENTORY RULESSet up Inventory limits based on hazard type, allowable quantities and authorized users EHS COmpliance
MOBILE APPS/BARCODESiOS, Android and Surface apps for monitoring, updating, transferring and disposing of chemical containers- The industry’s #1 mobile apps
EHS CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY RULESManage storage compatibility by chemical classification and/or hazard class- Store Chemicals Safely
INVENTORY LIMITSSet Inventory warning and stop limits based on hazard type- Set inventory limits for locations and chemicals
REORDER POINTSSet up chemical reorder points Just-in-Time Chemicals
EHS CHEMICAL INVENTORY REPORTSCreate custom chemical inventory reports with virtually unlimited capabilities- Improve accuracy and regulatory compliance
SURPLUS CHEMICAL MANAGEMENTManage and share Surplus chemicals- Reduce chemical purchase and disposal costs
CHEMICAL BILL OF LADINGCreate and manage shipping documents and labels for shipping chemicals- Complete Chemical Shipping paperwork
SARA REGULATORY REPORTINGGenerate SARA and State-specific regulatory reports- Paper and Electronic regulatory reporting

Chemical Inventory Management Case Study

The Challenge

A leading biopharmaceutical company that focuses on drug discovery determined, following an internal safety audit, that it did not have the processes in place to monitor, update and report chemical use in the facility.  Chemicals were purchased centrally, but scientists did not review or update any information on storage, use, or disposal.  This resulted in excessive chemical purchasing, unsafe storage of incompatible chemicals, expired chemicals in inventory and chemicals listed as available but missing at critical times.  This resulted in unnecessary purchasing costs, higher than forecast waste disposal costs and significant regulatory and corporate exposure.

The Solution

Chemical Safety Software was tasked with implementing a software solution that addressed these issues efficiently, maintaining current and accurate chemical inventories labeled and stored safely, utilizing barcode labels and smart phones and tablets to easily update information and streamlining the hazardous waste disposal process.

The solution provided by Chemical Safety was the implementation of processes centered around our comprehensive chemical management software, Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Chemical Safety configured EMS on a cloud-server, transferred location, chemical and waste data from disparate data sources into a single database, cross-referenced the chemicals with Safety Data Sheets and GHS information and trained lab and research personnel on ways to update information using smartphones and tablets quickly and easily.

The solution was well received by all involved within the company as well as the local regulator who praised the organization for their accuracy in reporting.

Achieve Environmental Compliance Objectives in Less Time