Environmental Regulatory Reporting Management

Chemical Safety’s environmental regulatory reports are always current and come pre-configured for electronic submission to federal, state, and local agencies.

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  • Tier II Report

  • HMBP

  • Biennial Report

  • IFC Report

  • Toxics Release Inventory

  • DHS Chemicals of Interest

  • Fire Department

  • OSHA Compliance

  • Accident & Injury


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EH&S Software Customers

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on Chemical Safety’s EMS software to help manage their EHS operations. Our customers are both large and small organizations, and they come from a wide variety of industries.

Fully Featured Environmental Compliance Management Software

Chemical Safety’s environmental regulatory reporting software comes preconfigured with federal, state,
and local chemical inventory and hazardous waste reports
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Environmental Regulatory Reporting Software

Staying in compliance with the latest federal, state, and local environmental regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly complex as governments expand focus on enforcement and transition to electronic filing. More than ever before, EH&S professionals are challenged by the increased workloads required to properly comply with environmental regulations. Chemical Safety’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) software simplifies the compliance process by automating environmental regulatory reporting.

Our cloud-based environmental compliance software includes a library of preconfigured regulatory reports, as well as the ability to create custom reports. Preconfigured regulatory reports include Federal Tier II, as well as state-specific Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP). The EMS EH&S software suite also includes our CERS reporting software which features electronic submission of the California CERS report. Most importantly, EMS’ environmental compliance software is regularly updated to stay current with the latest federal, state, and local environmental reporting specifications.

EMS’ environmental compliance software is fully integrated with the rest of our environmental health and safety software suite. Real-time data is pulled directly from our chemical inventory tracking software, our hazardous waste management software and our MSDS database.

Regulatory Document Reference Library

Managing and storing regulatory documents is not an easy job. EMS’ environmental compliance software allows companies to build a library of regulatory documents, reports, permits and any other documentation that may be needed for future review. Documents can be dated, categorized and indexed with multiple keywords. Associated locations and individuals can also be recorded and queried as needed.

OSHA Regulatory Reporting

EMS’ Employee Tracking Module allows companies to easily and accurately track incidents and accidents that are OSHA reportable. In addition to reports that must be filed immediately (following a reportable event), EMS’s environmental compliance software can also be used to produce the annual OSHA 300A Report.

Waste Biennial Reporting System

EMS’ Waste Biennial Reporting System is a tool that allows companies to easily create, validate and report waste usage data to federal and state reporting authorities. The system is designed to collect manifest and manifest item data, summarize it as required for reporting purposes, and create both paper and electronic reports as needed.

Uniform Fire Code Reporting (UFC)

Our UFC feature allows users to manage chemical limits of flammable materials by location and control zone.

EMS’ environmental compliance software is capable of monitoring compliance levels by fire code limits including sprinkler and fire cabinet allowances, as well as by select fire and building codes that are synchronized with our chemical reference database of over 30,000 chemicals.

Integrated Adhoc Reporting System

Our environmental compliance software’s ad hoc reporting system features on-demand reporting that customers can customize without in-depth database knowledge. The reporting module comes with an extensive set of preconfigured reports that can be easily edited to meet specific user requirements.

CERS Reporting (California)

EMS’s CERS reporting software features integrated electronic filing for California companies. California Assembly Bill 2286 requires all regulated businesses and all regulated local government agencies to use the internet to file unified program information. Our environmental compliance software allows for data files to be created from your chemical inventory tracking software and hazardous waste management software databases and uploaded to the CERS online system, making the data management process simpler, more accurate, and easily verifiable.

EMS Regulatory Reporting Case Study

The Challenge

A leading manufacturing company in the electronics industry did not have the processes in place to track, monitor, update and report chemical use and disposal in their facilities.  The company was required to produce several regulatory reports each year, including the Federal Tier II and T313 reports, the Waste Biennial Report, The DHS COI report and several state and local reports.  As a result, reports were regularly submitted late and had to be corrected and resubmitted when errors or omissions were identified. This resulted in unnecessary labor costs as well as non-compliance with regulatory reporting rules.

The Solution

Chemical Safety Software was tasked with implementing a software solution to address these issues efficiently by increasing accuracy, reducing errors and proving timely reports to the various regulators.
The solution provided by Chemical Safety was the implementation of processes centered around our comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software, Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
Chemical Safety configured EMS on a cloud-server, transferred location, che­­mical and waste data from disparate data sources into a single database, cross-referenced the chemicals with Safety Data Sheets and GHS information and trained lab and research personnel on ways to update information using smartphones and tablets quickly and easily.
This resulted in the company maintaining current and accurate chemical inventories labeled and stored properly, utilizing barcode labels and smartphones and tablets to easily update information and streamlining the hazardous waste disposal process.
Automated alerts were set up to update, audit and report changes in chemical inventories.  The EMS AdHoc (Management) reporting system was used to generate reports that were sent automatically to managing personnel to review and validated data accuracy.
The solution resulted in significant labor cost savings as well as praise from regulators. 

Achieve Environmental Compliance Objectives in Less Time