California CERS Report

The California Environmental Reporting System (HMBP) report is preformatted for easy submission to state or county portals.

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  • Updated Dec. 2017

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EH&S Software Customers

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on Chemical Safety’s EMS software to help manage their EHS operations. Our customers are both large and small organizations, and they come from a wide variety of industries.

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Seamless CERS Reporting and Filing

Chemical Safety’s CERS reporting software is a comprehensive program that allows companies of all sizes to identify, record and report their annual chemical inventories and related documentation quickly and hassle-free.

California Assembly Bill 2286 requires all regulated businesses and all regulated local government agencies (CUPAs) to use the internet to file Unified Program information which, up until now, has been filed via paper copy. This includes facility data regarding hazardous material regulatory activities, chemical inventories, underground and above-ground storage tanks, and hazardous waste generation. It also includes CUPA data such as inspections and enforcement actions.

With EMS-CERS businesses can easily record, update and report regulated chemical and related information in both paper and electronics formats using menus and one-click buttons with a program that is easy to learn and operate.

The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) software can be used to make the job of data collection and filing faster, easier and more accurate. It integrates daily chemical operations management with smart filtering to produce the basic chemical inventory report with just a couple of key clicks. Once the inventory report has been created, the next step is to click the button to convert it to a CERS-format upload file. Then, file it electronically from our integrated pull-down menu.

EMS goes far beyond electronic filing. It is a guiding tool that helps retrieve, update, manage, validate and report facility and chemical information to CERS with a single click!

The EMS CERS module is virtually guaranteed to save you many hours of labor for data collection and submittal.

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