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Basic SDS Search

Enter the chemical name in the Substance field and click on the Submit button. A list of matching results from one or more manufacturers will be returned if the chemical is found in the database. You can then click on the desired result and a summary page will open.

Click on the View GHS Label button at the bottom left of the summary page to open the GHS label. Click on the View SDS button at the bottom right of the summary page to open the safety data sheet. GHS labels and safety data sheets can then be printed or downloaded.

Advanced SDS Search

Advanced searches can be performed by populating multiple fields with data. For example, enter the chemical name in the Substance field and enter the manufacturer name in the Manufacturer field. This will return fewer, but more precise results.

The Search Type can be manipulated using the "begins with" and "contains" drop-down selections.

Search Using the CAS Number

You can also search for SDS's using the CAS number. This will return only pure chemicals and not mixtures that contain that CAS number.

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