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We are offering all AHMP attendees Chemical Safety’s SDS Application with access to our Global SDS Database containing over 1 million SDS records.
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About our Hazardous Waste Management Module

Chemical Safety’s EMS Waste Management Software (EMS.Waste) works from the moment waste is generated and needs to be picked up, consolidated, treated, and disposed. EMS Waste is part of Chemical Safety’s EHS suite of technology tools that manage chemical acquisition, storage, use, and disposal seamlessly and cost-effectively. The EMS Waste Management module works in conjunction with the EMS Chemical Inventory module to support your company’s chemical storage, use, distribution, treatment,  recycling, and disposal.

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EH&S Software Customers

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on Chemical Safety’s EMS software to help manage their EHS operations. Our customers are both large and small organizations, and they come from a wide variety of industries.

What our clients say