Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Hazardous Materials Found on Cargo Ship, Says Coast Guard

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Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Hazardous Materials Found on Cargo Ship, Says Coast Guard

In a recent announcement during a White House press briefing, Vice Admiral Peter Gautier of the U.S. Coast Guard revealed alarming details regarding the Singapore-flagged cargo ship, Dali, responsible for the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. According to Gautier, the vessel was carrying 4700 containers, out of which 56 were identified to contain hazardous materials. Additionally, two containers were reported missing overboard, although Gautier assured reporters that those in the water did not contain hazardous materials.

Gautier emphasized that despite the presence of hazardous materials on board, there is currently no imminent threat to public safety. A specialized hazmat team has been dispatched to inspect the cargo thoroughly. He further explained that the majority of hazardous material containers remained unaffected by the damage to the ship’s bow, alleviating concerns about potential leaks or releases.

However, the situation remains complex as a portion of the collapsed bridge is still lodged onto the bow of the ship. Gautier stressed the necessity of coordinating closely with the Army Corps of Engineers and their contractors to remove this debris before the vessel can be safely relocated. He highlighted that the ship’s bow is currently grounded due to the weight of the debris.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg informed reporters that the Coast Guard, in collaboration with the Army Corps of Engineers, will spearhead the cleanup efforts in the Patapsco River. This coordinated endeavor aims to restore full operational capacity to the Port of Baltimore, crucial for regional commerce and trade.

This update was contributed by Greg Norman of Fox News Digital.

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