Are you ready for the March 1, 2022 Biennial report submission deadline?

Under RCRA, the EPA requires large quantity generators (LQGs) to file a report every two years documenting their hazardous waste operations from the previous year.

The Biennial Report form (EPA form 8700-13A/B) must be submitted to the authorized state agency or EPA regional office by March 1 of every even-numbered year. The form includes information such as:
• Facility’s EPA ID Number,
• Facility’s name and address,
• Quantity and nature of hazardous waste generated, and
• Whether the hazardous waste was sent for recycling, treatment, storage, or disposal.

In the era of electronic information systems, this can be done with a single click. A Hazardous Waste Management Software that has all the features to manage waste from “cradle to grave”, such as Chemical Safety’s EMS software can lift this burden.

EMS provides feature-rich tools and workflows to monitor and manage waste from the time identified down to recycling, treatment, storage, or disposal, logging everything and anything required to single-click your Biennial Report.


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