BREXIT And Chemical Regulations. What’s New?

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After the Environmental Audit Committees report, reported last year. The chemical industry in the United Kingdom (UK) remains deeply concerned about, the government’s decision to leave the European single market and customs union. Affecting the chemical industry and businesses associated.

The UK chemical industry is the foundation of manufacturing; how the chemical regulation REACH—the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals—regulates the UK chemical industry.

The more important question is what the Government’s decision to leave the single market and customs union means. Concerning job terms, trade, potential increases in animal testing, duplication of regulation and costs, the risk of tariffs and increased red tape.

The UK exports almost £15 billion-worth of chemicals to the EU each year. Chemicals being the second largest manufacturing industry and the United Kingdom’s second largest export to the EU after cars. However, it is not getting the attention it deserves.

What is REACH? It is the EU’s chemical regulation. Agreed to by the UK 10 years ago, which regulates chemicals and hazardous substances. It covers more than 30,000 substances bought and sold in the EU single market. It also covers products and articles such as the coating on a non-stick frying pan, flame-retardants in sofas, carpets, and curtains as well as medicines.

Here is a report with full coverage of BREXIT and chemical regulations.

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