Setting Chemical Inventory Limits For Hazardous Materials

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One key aspect of chemical safety in the workplace is determining the maximum quantities of different materials that should be stored or used at any given time, and who should be allowed to use them.
Chemical Safety’s EMS software helps you set up Inventory Limits for labs, rooms, buildings, the entire site and, most importantly, chemists and other chemical users.

With Chemical Safety’s EMS software, you can set up Inventory Limits according to company policy and based on the risks those chemicals pose. Limits can be set up based on the Hazard Class of a Chemical (for example, Flammable, Combustible or Toxic Chemicals), the Classification of Chemicals (Acids, Amines, Amides, Caustics, Corrosives, etc.) as well as regulatory considerations such as carcinogens, explosives or other acutely hazardous materials, etc.

Setting Chemical Inventory Limits For Hazardous Materials

With EMS you can set what are called Warning and Stop limits. Warning limits help alert a user when the quantity of a given chemical is reaching a certain level; Stop limits prohibit the user from adding or moving a given chemical into a specific area, and email alert notifications can be sent to appropriate personnel.
The EMS Inventory Limits function, coupled with other related functions in EMS like setting storage compatibility rules promote workplace safety and reduce accidents.

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