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The data is in and it’s Indisputable!

This is the next in a series of blogs on focusing on EHS technological advances that are thought and action provoking. Technological progress is exponential in every facet of our lives, at work and at home and this applies to Environmental Compliance as much as any other industry.

Last week I wrote a blog on the Internet of Everything and how it is changing every aspects of what we do from the minute we wake up til the time we go to sleep. For EHS stakeholders, the ability to manage chemical safety and compliance from anywhere at any time is without question on top of most everyone’s wish list.

I was reviewing a report issued by one of the nation’s leading EHS management associations and the majority of corporate responders of what their priorities for acquiring EHS software solutions were as follows:

  1. Regulatory compliance is the primary reason for EHS software acquisition
  2. Comprehensiveness of what the software offers with a view for Enterprise-level integration
  3. Ease of Implementation
  4. Responsive Customer Support and Software Maintenance
  5. And of course, cost !!

Software as a Service (SaaS) for EHS Compliance is being recognized by some of the world’s most agile, innovative and environmentally conscious entities like Tesla Motors, SRI International, The US Department of Energy, top universities and industry trend-setters as the de facto solution for cost-effectiveness, rapid implementation, scaling and quick and targeted software maintenance and support.

We survey clients regularly and most all agree that SaaS (Software as a service) is a low-risk, high-return proposition that aligns well with what today’s Internet technologies offer.

There are many more benefits that SaaS offers, and I urge you to read my blog entitled 2015’s Most Important EH&S Blog Article.

I welcome your comments.

Tony Diamantidis

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