Facility Safety & Compliance Management: What is this?

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Industrial safety in the context of occupational safety and health refers to the management of all operations and activity events within a given industry for protecting its employees and assets by minimizing hazards, risks, accidents, and near misses.

Industrial safety covers a number of issues and topics affecting safety of personnel and equipment in a particular industry.

The following topics are generally discussed:

• General Safety – General aspects of safety which are common to all

• Occupational Safety and Health – Particularly associated with the occupation

• Process and Production Safety – Safety in the industry’s processes and productions etc.

• Material Safety – Safety of the materials used in the production

• Workplace Safety – Safety issues directly related to the workplace

• Fire Safety – Fire safety, in particular, the risks associated to the industry

• Electrical Safety – In general, and in particular, arising from the equipment used

• Building and Structural Safety – Safety in general, including installations as per existing building code

• Environmental Safety – Issues of environmental safety Facility Safety & Compliance is about monitoring, updating and reporting on facilities by identifying critical information about their hazard operations in distinct buildings, individual rooms, labs, and workstations.
Chemical Safety’s EMS Chemical Management software can automate a variety of tasks that simplify information processing, monitoring, validating and reporting. Storage and hazard limits can be set for specific locations and notifications can be automatically sent to the appropriate personnel when chemicals reach critical thresholds.

Permit Tracking

The EMS Permit Tracking Module helps personnel record and monitor operating permits for their site. This includes dates, associate regulatory agency information, costs, and other details. Source and sample data can be recorded and converted into reports that will compare permit parameters to field data. EMS automatically alerts and notifies of upcoming permit renewals as well as reported data issues that need to be reviewed

Industrial Hygiene

The EMS Industrial Hygiene tool allows personnel to define industrial hygiene monitoring data for specific chemicals, individuals, and locations.
Project Work Order Management
The EMS Work Order Module allows facility operation personnel to create work orders as well as assign timelines, personnel, equipment, and costs to projects.

Audits and Inspections

The EMS Audit module is designed to facilitate users in managing audit-related activities. It supports end-to-end functionalities for ensuring a complete audit lifecycle, from scheduling and developing audit plans to monitoring and analyzing results. Along with the EMS Checklist Builder tool enables users to create custom questionnaires and provides flexibility to all types of audits. It also helps pinpoint issues and take proactive measures to improve operations. In addition, Chemical Safety offers an easy to use mobile application that allows users to access and complete inspections from anywhere, anytime.

Project and Task Management

The EMS Task Management system allows you to create and manage each step of a project. The Task Management system tracks the scope of the project, cost, personnel, business department and due dates of projects and each Task (step) necessary to complete the Project. The Task management system also assists you in monitoring your database for conditions which could indicate a possible issue that needs to be reviewed and corrected. problem. For example, the EMS Task Manager could be set up to alert you when waste containers have been in a 90-day storage area for 75 days, and give you a report. A useful follow up tool in the Task Management system is the (optional) Projects. Overdue alert message that appears on the screen as you enter EMS. This message notifies you that a Project is overdue or beyond the flag date. The Action Menu Options allow you to display a detailed list or a calendar page with your tasks and projects by day, week or month.

Integrated Ad-hoc Reporting System

The EMS Adhoc reporting system offers on-demand custom reporting. The Adhoc reporting system provides self-service integrated reports that the user can customize easily and generate targeted reports. From simple to complex reporting, the EMS interface is easy to learn and use. The EMS adhoc reporting system delivers with great out of the box functionality catering to users’ specific needs.

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