EHS Management Apps – Technology Breakthroughs in Managing Safety

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Workplace Safety and Chemical Management using tablets and smartphones

By Tony Diamantidis

Working with chemicals in the workplace often happens in places where computers are not within reach and where immediate access to information is essential.  Web-based applications are already offering easy access. iPhones, Android phones and smart tablets are readily available and can be excellent tools for easy access to information, either through telephone connection or WiFi.  The camera of the smartphone or tablet can be used to read container barcodes and conduct chemical inventory actions that were once time consuming and difficult to maintain.  In addition, these smart devices can be connected wireless via Bluetooth to inexpensive trigger-based bar code scanners for even faster and more efficient bar code scanning.

EHS Management Apps – Technology Breakthroughs in Managing Safety
Managing workplace chemical safety largely consists of four main functions:

  1. Easy and immediate access to Safety Data Sheets
  2. Managing and updating chemical inventories
  3. Managing the disposal of chemical containers
  4. Conducting safety inspections and audits

When we designed the cloud version of our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) software, we paid close attention to these functions and designed mobile apps that can be downloaded at no cost from the Apple and Google stores to accompany our web-based applications.  With these tools, data can be accessed easily and information can be kept current in real-time.

The four EMS mobile apps are as follows:

  1. GHS/SDS – Mobile access to SDS and GHS data on iOS and Android Devices. Allows users to access Safety Data Sheet and GHS hazard and labeling information from anywhere
  1. EMS.Inventory – View and Transfer chemical container data using barcodes on iOS and recently released for Android Devices.  This app also includes tools for auditing and updating entire labs and other chemical storage locations by scanning container barcodes
  2. EMS.Waste – Collect, transfer and dispose waste drums and lab packs data using barcodes on iOS and recently released for Android Devices. With EMS.Waste, waste containers can be moved to accumulation areas, consolidated, linked to waste profiles and ultimately moved to manifest for shipping and disposal
  3. EMS.Audit – Inspections and Audits with custom created questionnaires that trigger corrective actions using iOS devices. With this App, custom questionnaires can be created online and used to conduct spot inspections.  Inspection findings can be linked to alerts that can notify of potential areas that may need corrective action

Using these tools, companies and organizations of all kinds can streamline their processes, create efficiencies, improve accuracy and reduce costs.  Used in conjunction with Chemical Safety’s subscription-based EHS solutions, a budget-conscious company can reduce costs by limiting the number of paid subscribers while providing access to manage critical data for every person in the organization.

These EHS management apps are currently used with success by some of the world’s most innovative R&D, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive companies, as well as universities and government agencies. Our company, Chemical Safety Software has been a pioneer in EHS technology and our SaaS options have saved thousands in cost and time savings.

If you are considering tools to improve chemical management and workplace safety, I strongly recommend that you look at mobile EHS management apps.  Click on this link, , to view a short video on mobile apps.

I welcome your comments.

Tony Diamantidis, Sr. Director, Chemical Safety Software,

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