Moderna Begins Next-generation Testing on Coronavirus Vaccine

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Moderna Begins Next-generation Testing on Coronavirus Vaccine

Chemical Safety Software shares the news of Moderna Inc. on the developments on the Coronavirus Vaccine.

The company is currently in the early stages of developing a new COVID-19 vaccine candidate that could be potentially stored and shipped in refrigerators instead of freezers.

The company suggests that this new vaccine candidate will make distribution easier, especially in developing countries where supply chain issues prevail.

Moderna has already begun the testing of the new COVID-19 booster vaccine in South Africa.

Moderna is one of several Chemical Safety Software Life Sciences clients that have developed or are developing COVID-19 related vaccines and test kits.  Chemical Safety’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) software helps these extraordinary companies focus on their core competencies while EMS supports the acquisition, storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials including Safety Data Sheets (SDS), chemical approval, chemical compatibilities management, greener chemical alternatives, inspections and audits, and regulatory reporting.  More information at


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