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Safety Kits

Years ago, in one of the Bay Area’s biggest technology conferences, two industry pioneers that I conveniently can’t remember by name wore a T-shirt similar to the one below:

safety on yellow background

This was good for giggles and laughs back then, and it underlined our collective desire, as technology innovators, to create breakthroughs at all costs. Technology has, indeed, reached new frontiers where man has never gone before and we’re all the better for it in many ways.

How the world and priorities have changed in the last month or two!!! Our safety and the safety of those we love and worry about has taken priority over EVERYTHING! Unbelievably, this even includes personal freedom, finances, and a shift in priorities that mankind has not seen in generations, and specifically long before screen-time ever existed.

In the world of Environmental Health and Safety, priorities are shifting too. Workplace safety, personal safety, risk management and mitigation and planning and preparation are viewed with greater scrutiny.

Right now, only mission-critical personnel are permitted to operate. That means EH&S personnel remain hard at work providing the means necessary for organizations of all kinds to operate safely. Most importantly, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us all of what our priorities in life are and what safety means.

All of us at Chemical Safety Software continue to work to provide our clients/partners with the tools to achieve and maintain optimal safety conditions in the workplace. With our technology largely operational on the cloud there has been no disruption in the availability and access to information. Our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) global catalog, available as a free service at,  is still accessed by thousands of people daily and we continue to add critical safety data on a daily basis. We recently added a long list of data sheets for disinfectant products the EPA is recommending to keep us safe.

Our wishes for your daily safety are with you. Although these are unprecedented times, it is my strong belief that we will come out at the other end of this stronger, safer, and with a greater understanding of life and its priorities.

By Tony Diamantidis

Sr. Director

Chemical Safety Software

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