The Top 5 Benefits of Using an SDS Management System Software

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The Top 5 Benefits of Using an SDS Management System Software

For companies handling and working with hazardous chemicals, maintaining safety data sheets (SDSs) that detail the hazards of the chemicals and how to safely work with them is not only an OSHA requirement, but also critical for the safety of all workers at the workplace.

Maintaining and updating the SDSs can be an onerous job task. Most companies maintain a library of SDSs in binders, which can create paper madness updating and locating the most current SDS version for a chemical. The most effective way to simplify the process is to use an SDS software solution that helps you to quickly access and manage the most current SDS version in an online library.

Benefits of an SDS Management Software

Using an SDS management software system can benefit your business in many ways. Here are 5 of the main benefits of using SDS software:

  1. Minimize the risk of compliance problems that could lead to hefty fines, ultimately enhancing worker safety and keep you in compliance.
  2. Provide your safety manager with more time to focus on other worker safety tasks at your facility rather than spending time making sure SDSs are up to date.
  3. Easy access to the most current SDS to provide workers the information they need to protect their health and safety. This is important for remote and field workers who have little access to hardcopy records maintained at your facility. The SDSs can be accessed on demand by any worker who needs them at any time.
  4. Generate reports for employees, suppliers, and state or federal regulatory agencies when they are requested.
  5. Finally, it is environmentally friendly. Storing SDSs digitally rather than as hard copies not only saves you money on ink and paper but also saves trees and our environment.

Using an SDS management software solution is just good business practice. It improves your hazard communication to comply and communicate efficiently with the worker’s right-to-know and understand requirements of the standard.

Manage your library of safety data sheets using Chemical Safety’s cloud-based SDS management software. Employees can easily search and print SDS’s for all of the chemicals they work with.  Contact us at or submit a demo request.

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