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Chemical Inventory Management

EMS Chemical Inventory Tracking Software

Effective chemical inventory management is the cornerstone of a facility’s operations. Properly maintaining regulated materials in inventory can be simplified by using a chemical inventory tracking software system that helps the organization to:

  • Comply with complex and changing environmental regulations
  • Manage chemical incompatibilities
  • Reduce chemical purchasing and on-site storage
  • Reduce operational costs as well as corporate liability

Chemical Safety’s EMS environmental health and safety software is a product with a rich history. It was the first commercially available chemical inventory tracking software solution offered in the US market and it’s since been widely adapted by corporations, universities, and government agencies (including the US EPA). Today, EMS continues as a market leader. Its extensive feature set, ease of use, and low implementation cost make it the EH&S software of choice for both large and small organizations.

EMS addresses all of the special issues associated with storing and using hazardous materials. True cradle-to-grave chemical tracking can be achieved by using EMS’ chemical inventory tracking software in conjunction with our hazardous waste mangement software. Our easy to use cloud-based web application gives EH&S professionals access to real-time chemical inventory data so they can more easily comply with federal, state and local environmental standards. EMS also simplifies chemical purchases, distribution, and sharing.

Chemical Inventory Management Software Features in Detail

Cradle-to-grave Chemical Tracking

Chemical inventory items can be tracked in real-time from purchase through disposal using our chemical inventory tracking application in conjunction with our hazardous waste management software and our Android or iOS EH&S mobile applications.

Chemical Storage Incompatibilities Management

When certain hazardous chemicals are stored or mixed together, violent reactions may occur because the chemicals are unsuitable for mixing, or are incompatible. Classes of incompatible chemicals should be segregated from each other during storage, according to hazard class or other specifications. The EMS software iterates through all of the incompatibility rules (classification, hazard class, regulation, Uniform Fire Code, etc.) providing a complex layering of configurable safety checks and promoting a safe work environment.

GHS, DOT, NFPA and barcode Labels

The EMS Chemical Inventory Tracking software is integrated with a robust chemical reference database which includes safety, hazard and regulatory data on tens of thousands of chemicals. Storage labels, including GHS, DOT, NFPA and barcode labels can be generated easily and accurately.

Chemical Shipping Documents

EMS’ bill of landing (BOL) feature uses Department of Transportation (DOT) proper shipping name tables and chemical reference data to produce all required documentation. This includes standard as well as customized BOLs, ERGs, shipping labels, and bar code labels. Our chemical inventory tracking software is fully integrated with our MSDS database as well. The Bill of Landing software manages shipping incompatibilities and generates MSDS checklists for customers allowing them to include an MSDS with new shipments as well as electronically via email as they are created.

  • Manages Customer Address Books
  • Manages Transporters
  • Manages Combination, Bulk and Single Shipments
  • Manages Outer and Inner Container Combinations
  • Manages Products by Part Number
  • Automatically Calculates Net and Gross Weight
  • Prints Standard and Custom Bill of Lading Forms
  • Prints DOT Shipping Labels
  • Prints Barcode Labels
  • Hazmat Labeling, Load, Segregation, Marking and Placard Charts
  • Manages Chemical Compatibility
  • Manages MSDS Distribution with MSDS Customer History

iPhone and iPad Mobile Applications

EMS.Inventory is a simply and time-saving tool for tracking, collecting, transferring and ultimately disposing consolidating and disposing of chemical containers. Using barcode scanners as well as the built-in camera, containers can be identified remotely and handled safely. The EMS.Inventory iPad app can read barcodes using the integrated camera or a Bluetooth connected barcode reader to facilitate the identification, transfer and reconciliation of chemicals on site.

Project and Task Management

EMS’ chemical inventory tracking software features a task management system that allows you to create and manage projects including cost, personnel, department, and due dates. The task management system also assists in monitoring the data for conditions that could indicate a problem or require attention. For example, EMS can be configured to alert you when waste containers are approaching their limit, unauthorized purchases have been made, or when regulatory deadlines are approaching.

Federal Tier II and CERS Regulatory Reporting (California)

EMS can be used to produce the Federal Tier II report with a single click. The software automatically detects reportable chemicals and formulates the Federal Tier II report in the Federally approved format.

EMS’s CERS reporting software features integrated electronic filing for California companies. California Assembly Bill 2286 requires all regulated businesses and all regulated local government agencies to use the internet to file unified program information. Our environmental compliance software allows for data files to be created from EMS’ chemical tracking and hazardous waste management databases and uploaded to the CERS online system, making the data management process simpler, more accurate, and easily verifiable.

Chemical Inventory Management Reports

Chemical Safety’s EMS environmental compliance software features real-time chemical inventory management reports that customers can customize with ease. The reporting module comes with an extensive set of preconfigured reports that can be easily edited to meet specific user requirements.

Key Features

  • Track Chemicals from Purchase through Disposal
  • No Need to Re-enter Hazardous Waste Items
  • Preconfigured Federal and State Reports
  • Streamlined Purchasing and Approval Processes
  • Real-time Inventory and Waste Tracking
  • Link Inventory to (M)SDS and GHS Hazard Data
  • Improved Safety and Lower Risk/ Liability
  • Real-time Wireless Barcode Scanning
  • Reduced Hazardous Waste Profile
  • Easy to Implement and Less IT Overhead

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