Safety Kits

Years ago, in one of the Bay Area’s biggest technology conferences, two industry pioneers that I conveniently can’t remember by name wore a T-shirt similar to the one below: This was good for giggles and laughs back then, and it underlined our collective desire, as technology innovators, to create breakthroughs at all costs. Technology has,…

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Best Practices for Chemical Management – Vision 2020

Puzzle Pieces with arrows

Every couple of years I am asked to renew this blog which first appeared many years ago. What have we learned since the last time? How have labs, research and educational institutions, industry and government fared now as compared to the past? As the roaring twenties descend upon us, one key thing that is different…

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What are the Benefits of a Chemical Management System for Labs?

chemical management system

What is a Chemical Management System? It is a set of rules and processes, aided by technology tools that support lab safety, environmental compliance and policies. A Chemical Management System for Labs, Research and Educational institutions can help enhance productivity, save time, reduce costs while dramatically improving safety and reducing incidents. Chemical Management Systems include…

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