Reporting Your Chemical Inventory: Made Easy

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Staying in compliance with the latest federal, state, and local environmental regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly complex as governments expand to focus on enforcement and transition to electronic filing. More than ever before, EH&S professionals are challenged by the increased workloads required to properly comply with environmental regulations. Chemical Safety’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) software simplifies the compliance process by automating environmental regulatory reporting.

Effective management of your chemicals requires that you have tools to monitor chemical expiration dates, inventory limits, permitted chemicals, surplus chemicals, reorder points for your most used chemicals and compliance reporting.

Chemical Safety’s environmental compliance software’s Ad-Hoc reporting system features on-demand reporting that users can create and customize easily. The reporting module comes with an extensive set of pre-configured reports that can be easily edited to meet specific user requirements.

Creating a management report is as easy as shopping online, with easy menu and field selection tools. Simply choose what kind of data/information the report should contain, save the report, and run the report on demand or scheduled to run at certain intervals. You can even instruct our EMS software to deliver that report to your email and the emails of everyone you select daily, weekly or whenever you need it.

When comes to regulatory reporting, EMS has build-in a preconfigured set of regulatory reports, such as Federal Tier II, Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP), DHS, CERS, OSHA, UFC, and Biennial.

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