Hazardous Waste Reporting Made Easy

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The EMS Waste Management and Reporting System is a tool that allows companies to easily create, validate and report waste usage data to federal and state reporting authorities. The software is designed to collect manifest and manifest waste stream data, consolidate it as required for reporting purposes, and create both paper and electronic reports as needed. One of the key reports EMS generates is the Federal Waste Biennial report. In addition, many other reports are available for state, local and corporate reporting.

Chemical Safety’s environmental compliance software’s Ad-Hoc reporting system features on-demand reporting that users can create and customize easily. The reporting module comes with an extensive set of pre-configured reports that can be easily edited to meet specific user requirements. Reports can include the number of waste pickup requests on a daily basis or for a specified period, waste storage in SAA (Satellite Accumulation area) and WAA (Waste Accumulation area) accumulation areas and drum and waste stream details.

In practice, management reports can be created within the EMS reporting system and delivered in any combination of data/information that is relevant to an organization’s waste reporting & management operation. The fact that these reports can be scheduled to run at specific intervals, even multiple times per day if needed, and delivered to the email of designated recipients adds a very powerful monitoring framework to every organization.

Creating a management report is as easy as shopping online, with easy menu and field selection tools. Simply choose what kind of data/information the report should contain, save the report, and run the report on demand or scheduled to run at certain intervals. You can even instruct EMS to deliver that report to your email and the emails of everyone you select daily, weekly or whenever you need it.

EMS’s Ad-Hoc reporting interface is simple and intuitive to use and requires no technical skills to generate. In addition, there is no limit to the number of reports you can create and run within EMS. The biggest benefit that EMS offers when comes to creating reports is that you can create them without the need to acquire expensive professional services to build reports for you.

By Paul Pandroulas
Director, Chemical Safety Software

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