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My friend and mentor Peter Diamandis, who sounds like a relative but isn’t, and whose wisdom I hope to share with you occasionally, writes an amazing weekly blog that I encourage everyone to sign up for. Peter often talks about a world of accelerating returns, and has come up with a set of tools that I want to connect to the world of environmental management and share with you.

Specifically, Peter talks about things like exponential technologies, abundance, moonshots, and the 6D progression, which includes disruptive, dematerialized and demonetized technologies.

I will start with demonetizing technologies: About a year ago, we made a decision that it would be to everyone’s benefit if we provided the tools and the content of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and GHS labels to everyone at no cost. We spent significant effort developing technologies that collected up-to-date SDS and GHS information from the most important manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals from the internet, a process called “crawling”. We then developed additional technologies to machine-read those SDS and retrieve key safety information from the SDS, like GHS codes and other hazard information, and placed them into searchable and reportable databases, a process called ‘parsing”.

The collected information was placed on a vast database that is available for any organization to use, and includes tools for browsing and managing SDSs on the cloud, creating SDS folders and retrieving SDS and GHS information on smartphones and tablets. We believe that providing this information at no cost gives everyone a platform of sharing information, which improves safety through an open platform, and gives us the ability to share the tools that Chemical Safety Software is constantly developing to support the needs of virtually every organization.

We offer at no cost technologies that could cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from other sources. That is the true definition of demonetizing. That’s also disruptive: we have disrupted the status quo and are redefining the way safety information is being distributed and shared.

Go to to see for yourself.

SDS and GHS Labels - Access the most up-to-date database

What pioneers and visionaries like Peter his contemporaries, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, the Google boys, Mark Z. and others are doing is to wake up every day and look at our world with rose-colored lenses. Diamandis often talks about abundance, the ability to make resources in the world available without limitation through technology. People like Elon Musk often talk about moonshots, which setting up and hitting targets that are out of this world!

In the process of designing and delivering the EMS Global SDS and GHS database, we also discovered that we could increase the benefit of our technologies exponentially if we focused on the processes that have traditionally been the most costly, time-consuming and difficult to implement and to simplify them. Our enterprise class EHS SaaS software offerings made available technologies previously available only to large enterprises at a fraction of the cost. We introduced the Two-Click Compliance® process, which makes it possible for an entity to implement an EHS program in days, not months or years; and we developed EHS Quick-Start Dashboards that make learning and using our Chemical Safety EMS software simple and effective. Finally, our accompanying smartphone and tablet mobile apps make it possible for everyone, everyone in the organization to have access to information without having to pay for it.

Our website, , has additional details on how your organization can benefit from using the Chemical Safety EMS software.

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