Free Safety Data Sheets and GHS Labels

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Is a Free SDS and GHS Label database a useful tool for your organization?

Chemical Safety has spent the better part of this year building, maintaining and updating a database of Safety Data Sheets by the largest manufacturers and suppliers of life science and specialty chemicals. From those SDSs, we have extracted GHS information that can be used to print workplace labels as required by OSHA and the international Globally Harmonized System for the Labeling and Classification of Chemicals (GHS). This includes the classification of chemicals by Hazard (H-Codes), precautionary statements (P-codes), Hazard Code (Warning or Danger) and the Pictograms that must be printed on container and location labels.

We decided, after a good deal of thought, to offer this database at no cost to educational institutions and have now expanded this free service to every organization that can benefit from a centralized source of finding safety information in compliance with the newly enacted GHS rules. This service is available online at and can also be access through iPhone and Android Phones and tablets by downloading the Chemical Safety free SDS-GHS Viewer App from the Apple App store and Android Google Play.

Free SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and GHS Labels Database

We need your feedback!

Is this free service something that will benefit your organization? One can always scour the internet and try to find a specific SDS, but getting the right hazard and GHS labeling information can be time-consuming and challenging. What else can we offer that can benefit your operations?

Our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) software offer tools for selecting, managing, storing and disposing of hazardous materials efficiently and cost-effectively, and assists organizations with regulatory compliance and reporting. We provide Enterprise-level EHS software under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model which is based on a monthly per-user fee. The free SDS database cross-links directly to your chemical inventory, so you can have direct access to safety for every material you have onsite.

One option we are currently developing is to expand our free SDS and GHS service to allow you and everyone in your entity to create a library of SDS for chemicals that are present in your entity and have the option of adding your own SDSs by downloading them from suppliers’ databases or scanning them and uploading them. In the near future, we also plan to expand this free service for every entity to request manufacturer-specific Safety Data Sheets.

I gratefully welcome your comments.

Tony Diamantidis
Sr. Director
Chemical Safety Software –

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