Tools for Tracking, Managing and Corrective Actions

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Effectively managing noncompliance and corrective/preventive actions (CAPA) related to chemicals spills and incidents in the lab or workplace is an integral part of an organization’s continual improvement plan. Non-compliance and corrective/preventive action management software for iOS and Android enables organizations to capture, track and maintain accurate information. Through the use of EH&S mobile applications (see photos below), this process is more time efficient, multi task consumption and establishes sustainable record keeping.

User-friendly EHS software solutions

User-friendly EHS software solutions like Chemical Safety’s EMS software manage compliance and enable comprehensive preventive planning. One important topic to remember while searching for an organization that provides such technology is that the software provides both compliance and corrective/preventive action management applications. This is a key feature that will be able to get increased visibility into your CAPA’s and review their impact on process-es to validate continuous improvement.

Furthermore, you will be able to record and track all noncompliance through centralized data-bases, so you can trend information across multiple departments, shifts and facility locations. Information can be viewed as a whole (rolled up), or filtered by user defined criteria to fit your organization’s needs such as SDS management software and chemical inventory management software.

Incident Reporting of Spills and Incidents

EHS management software incident reporting module enables organizations to record, track and analyze a variety of incidents such as near misses, environmental incidents, employee and non-employee injuries, to name only a few. Users of EHS management software will be able to perform root cause analysis and generate accurate regulatory reports for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Drive CAPA Action Items to Task Completion from start to finish

EHS software will assign follow-up corrective and preventive action (CAPA) tasks to assigned employees, supervisors and managers. Automated, escalating email notifications and remind-ers will drive accountability for timely task completion. In addition, emails can be sent to man-agement to provide a comprehensive view of incident activity across your organization. Environmental, safety and health managers can then build robust reports to dig deeper into inci-dent data. Supervisors and employees will automatically be notified of CAPA events.

Ensure Regulatory and Safety Management System Compliance with common management standards

Satisfy and exceed audit, noncompliance and corrective and preventive action requirements of many common standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management Standard), ISO 14001 (Envi-ronmental Management Standard), OHSAS 18001 (Safety Management System soon to be ISO 45001 Safety Management System) and ISO 50001 (Energy Management System).

Satisfy and exceed expectations from on-site inspections from OSHA (federal or state approved plan) and EPA (federal and state approved plan) with the usage of EHS software solutions to manage effectively the overall EHS management software application.

Mitigate Hazards to an Acceptable Level of Risk

Your EHS software application will aid your efforts to prevent the recurrence or occurrence of discrepancies, failures, and deviations through dashboards, charts and scorecards that provide a ‘snapshot’ of real-time status of noncompliance and follow-up actions.

Cultivate a continuous improvement culture

Use trending and root-cause analysis tools to minimize the number of nonconformance, predict and prevent possible deviations, and continuously improve an organizations environmental footprint, personal health, personal safety and quality performance. Continuous improvement ensures that an organization focus on three core business principles: people, product and pro-cess.,/p>

With the right EHS management software, you can document and track CAPA’s identified through spills, near misses and incidents to manage personal safety issues relating to chemical usage in the lab or workplace or both. This is accomplished with the use of an SDS management system to review personal safety and environmental hazards.

EHS software companies should have customer service/technical support service that goes above and beyond your expectations to fully resolve EHS software functionality issues when they arise. Customer service/technical support is more than just having the consumer issue an open support ticket.

A reputable, serious provider will provide such customer service/technical support by offering these services:
  • Getting Started: Helpful tutorials for new uses.
  • Knowledge Base: Frequently asked questions
  • User Guides: User Documentation
  • EHS Video Library: Easy Learning Tools
Know and understand that your organizations EHS management system is in good hands with the use of EHS apps and EHS software solutions for managing:
  • Regulatory compliance,
  • Incident reporting,
  • Chemical inventory tracking aligned with SDS management,
  • GHS labels,
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Customized audits,
  • Issuance of corrective and preventive actions that trigger notifications.All of these applications can be used via smartphones, tablets and the cloud. These are only a few, of the many reasons why any safety and/or environmental leader who is responsible for maintaining a safety and/or environmental management system utilizes today’s technological advances.

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