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Employee Workplace Safety

Manage and Improve Workplace Safety

Chemical Safety’s EMS employee workplace safety software supports the organizations needs as they relate to managing and tracking all aspects of environmental health and safety employee and workplace safety. It tracks employee working locations, history,  and cross-references training requirements with target dates for re-training. This module records and reports workplace incidents, accidents, causes, and the necessary corrective actions.

Accidents are sometimes indicators of areas where safety improvements can be made. EMS software will help you identify the root cause of reported accidents, discover potential work place hazards, identify past trends, and establish focused interventions that will prevent similar accidents from recurring.

Oversights in matters pertaining to workplace safety can be costly to your company in many ways. The investments of time and money that you make now will pale in comparison to the cost of an accident down the road. Fortunately this software makes it easy for companies to be proactive about workplace safety and truly do the most they can to protect their personnel.

Employee Tracking

The EMS Tracking module manages detailed information about an employee including history, responsibilities, accident data, training requirements and status.

Employee Training

EMS has an intuitive tool that manages employee training requirements by job function, equipment used and training frequency requirements. By connecting specific job responsibilities to training requirements, employers and supervisors can have instant access to employees upcoming training or retraining needs through reports and automated email notifications.

Incidents and Accidents

The EMS- Accident / Incident module is a cost effective and easy to use tool that can help you effectively protect the safety, health, and welfare of people engaged in your work or employment. This module will also facilitate compliance with OSHA standards. You can review previous or report new actionable incidents and keep a record in order to avoid unplanned events that adversely affects completion of your company’s operations. Use the EMS audit module in order to identify possible causes of the incidents recorded. Organize, initiate and apply corrective actions through the EMS task scheduler and calendar module that allow you to stay on top of safety related events.

OSHA Regulatory Reporting

The EMS Employee Tracking module allows companies to easily and accurately track incidents and accidents that are OSHA reportable. You can quickly and easily report accidents to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as required, as well as tabulate and report the annual OSHA 300 report easily and accurately.

Integrated Adhoc Reporting System

The EMS ad hoc reporting system provides on-demand custom reporting. It provides self-service integrated reports that customers can customize without extensive database knowledge. From simple to complex reporting the interface is easy to learn and use. While the reporting has great out of the box functionality, it is also easily edited depending on the users needs.

Features & Benefits
  •     Adding and Updating Incidents
  •     Adding Medical Information when needed
  •     OSHA Reporting related to Accidents/Injuries
  •     Automated Messaging to pertinent personnel
  •     Inspections/Activities related to Corrective Action
  •     Corrective Action Management
  •     Corrective Action/Incident Approvals
  •     Ad hoc/Management Reporting
  •     Easy to use, time efficient software