How to build your own Audit Questionnaire and Inspections in 3 simple steps.

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At a high level, inspections are a “do” and audits are a “check”. An inspection is typically something that a site is required to do to ensure that safety and compliance requirements are being met. Audit is the process of checking that these requirements are being met and that corrective actions are initiated, monitored and completed.

So far, so good. But what is the best method to achieve and streamline inspections and audits for your facilities? In the old days, a questionnaire was laid out on a piece of paper or form to get this done. Today, audit and inspection software replaces forms and helps manage this process most efficiently. Audit and Inspection software application not only makes this easier, but it also keeps a historical record of inspections and audits for reference, reporting, and by providing alerts and notifications that initiate corrective action by assigning tasks and timelines to appropriate personnel.

How to build your own Audit Questionnaire and Inspections in 3 simple steps.

Different industries have different regulations, and different organizations have unique requirements for their operations. The most commercially available software requires that you provide the audit and inspection forms, questionnaires, and any other specific material to be imported into the application before inspections and audits can be performed. Sounds logical, right? Wrong! What happens if you need to add or change questionnaires?

Typically, you would do this at initial implementation and most of the time you would need to revert to the software vendor and request services to modify forms and add questionnaires when new changes are required. These services can be time-consuming and costly. As a matter of fact, in many cases, and because of the cost associated with this process, organizations are reluctant to request modifications from the software vendor.

In an ideal world, it would be great to gather all the information upfront, modifications, but in reality, this is not cannot be the case. Modifications and additions to questionaires are frequent and for many reasons: New regulations, improving in-house audit policy, new equipment or facilities in place, etc. Ultimately this leads to reverting back to the “good” old days and abandoning or supplementing your software with paper forms.

With Chemical Safety’s EMS software, you have the ability to build and add, on your own and as often as you like, audit and inspection questionnaires using the EMS Audit Builder software. The EMS Audit module is designed to facilitate entities in managing inspection and audit-related activities. It supports end-to-end functionalities for ensuring a complete audit lifecycle, from scheduling and developing audit plans to monitoring and analyzing results.

Along with the EMS Checklist Builder tool enables users to create custom questionnaires and provides flexibility to all types of audits. It also helps pinpoint issues and take proactive measures to improve operational safety and compliance. In addition, Chemical Safety offers an easy to use iPad and Tablet mobile application that allows users to access and complete inspections from anywhere, anytime.

How to build your own Audit Questionnaire and Inspections in 3 simple steps.

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