When storing hazardous chemicals, it’s important to know if the chemicals are compatible with each other. For instance, will they react with each other and cause problems? Segregating hazardous chemicals into storage groups that won’t react violently will improve lab safety and color-coded labels can help. Chemical Safety’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS) supports functionality for printing storage colored code labels for locations and containers. The codes represent the categories of chemicals that can be stored in a specified area. Colors are associated with each code and type of chemical. The use of color-coded storage labels allows efficient chemical inventory management resulting in increased storage space, as well as decreased chemical waste disposal costs. The below table shows the storage color codes that are currently available in EMS:


Color Code labels can be printed for location records, in order to easily identify the type of chemical that should be stored there, as well as for Container records. There are two implementation practices for Container color code labels available in EMS. The first implementation is useful for inventory reconciliation. The system enables users to print color code labels for a container record based on the color codes assigned to the location where the container is stored. This function facilitates employees to return containers to their original location based on the color codes. 

The second implementation can be configured for employees who need help choosing the destination location of the container. The system enables users to assign color codes to SDS records and print container labels based on the codes of the chemical inside the container. Labels can be also printed during purchase, before storage of chemicals. Note: Based on the client’s needs Chemical Safety can configure the first or the second implementation or both of them. 

Set up and Print Color Code Labels

The first step is to assign color codes to Location or SDS records and then print the labels either from location or container module.

1. Assign color codes  

One or multiple color codes can be assigned to a location or an SDS record.

Select the Search button next to the field in order to open the color code list and assign the codes.

2. Print color code labels

The Actions menu enables users to print color code labels for the active location or Container record. Select Actions > Labels > Storage/Shipping Labels Select the COLOR_CODES Label format and click on the OK button. Example of Location Color Code Label

Example of Container Color Code Label:

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